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Why do you need a Drone Survey?

Your property is the single largest financial investment you will ever undertake, understanding what you are purchasing or indeed maintaining an existing buildings condition is a costly exercise.

Because the majority of roofs are inaccessible, traditional surveys require costly access ladders, cherry picker platforms and/or scaffolding. Our UAV surveys offer significant savings on both,  costs and time when undertaking surveys on all types of historic, commercial, industrial and residential buildings. The site element of a survey can be completed in a matter of hours rather than weeks. 

Doctor-Drone uses state-of-the-art UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles—otherwise known as drones) to present accurate data and information. All of our UAV pilots are also qualified Chartered Building Engineers and Building Surveyors which maximises the opportunity to fully identify the condition and defects of properties to present accurate and informative data on the condition of the property.


Not all residential roofs are accessible from ground level before committing to purchase a property it is important to know the full extent of the condition of the roof, its structure, coverings etc.  drones facilitate full access to provide the surveyors the opportunity to give the proper advice to the purchaser.


Historic buildings have unusual and quirky roof constructions as can be seen from the photograph of this Grade II listed farmhouse which was not fully accessible or visible from ground level. The use of a drone facilitated full access to find all of the issues and defects without the need for expensive scaffolding and/or access towers.


Accessing large industrial commercial buildings during and post-construction for pre-purchase surveys are achievable with the use of drones, avoiding the use of expensive scaffolding for high rise commercial buildings and/or large buildings which can be surveyed in a significantly shorter time than if using traditional methods.

With costs starting from £300 + VAT, please provide your details on our enquiry form for a full quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are drone surveys cheaper than using scaffolding?

With traditional roof surveys, a good portion of the costs will be due to the setup and tear-down of scaffolding safely. By using a qualified drone surveyor to inspect your property we are able to complete site surveys, not in weeks, but hours. Which will result in not only a faster completion but lower costs too!

How safe are drone surveys compared to traditional roof inspections?

By using drones we can eliminate most, if not all, of the typical hazards of traditional roof surveys. As our operators conduct their inspections from a safe distance away, there is no need to work at height, be in contact with potentially fragile materials and/or asbestos.

I live in a location with restricted or limited access, would I still be able to get a full survey?

Yes! All of our pilots operate under CAA valid permission for Commercial Operations, this allows us to operate even within built-up areas like cities. If you are unsure, fill out our enquiry form and detail your circumstances and we can come back to you with a definite answer.

Are there any risks to my property?

Our drones are fitted with cameras that allow us to produce detailed photographic data without the need to set foot on your roof avoiding any risk of damage to the roof covering or other parts of your property.

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